My Saturday


Hello Friends!

We had a rocking Saturday over here.
(at least by my definition)

We started out Saturday morning
with breakfast with Husband's parents.

(from our wedding)

Then I went shopping!!!
Okay, I was really excited about this.
I haven't been shopping in a while.
(We've got things we are saving for)
The trip was inspired by my need
to exchange a sweater my mom got me for Christmas.
It was a really pretty sweater,
but it didn't fit right.
So off to anthropologie I went!

And let me just tell you I scored big!
In exchange for my sweater,
I got this blazer

(I'm in the process of painting this mirror)
I also visited Banana Republic
to spend a gift card I had
and got two sweaters!

(anthropologie blazer and BR sweaters)

Now I am home,
sitting by the fire,
eating chicken enchiladas
and blogging.

Life is good.

1 comment:

  1. Enlove with that blazer!!! It looks great on you!! You're adorable :)