Pearls and Bows


My outfit post
pictures have been upgraded!
I'm still using my iphone,
but at least I have a photo assistant.
These photos are courtesy of my husband.

Behold what I wore to work Monday.

Sweater: Ann Taylor, Shirt: Limited (Thrifted)
Pants: Banana Republic, Belt: JCrew;
Necklace: Vintage (from my Aunt)
Shoes: Banana Republic

I think my favorite part of this look is the different textures.
I got studs, bows, and pearls.
The only thing missing are sequins or glitter!

Did you notice the painter's tape in the background?
We are still working on the house!
Someday soon (I hope) this banister
is going to be black and white!


  1. This sweater is amazing! I'm obsessed!

  2. definitely love all the different textures--you pull it off so well! I wish my husband would be so agreeable...he laughs when I ask for pictures haha. have a happy weekend! xoxo {av}