Anthropologie Window Display


Apparently I am obsessed with window displays now.
But whatever.
I can't help myself.
There are some seriously artistic things
happening in the local windows.

Below are some recent pictures
I took of the display at Anthropologie.
They always have the best stuff.
I overheard a customer asking
what happens with the displays 
as they rotate through them.
They get donated to local charity programs.
How sweet is that?

I wonder if all the other Anthropologies
have the same display right now?


  1. those are so cool- reminds me of those plants in fish bowls! xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  2. Now I love Anthro even more, for donating their displays to charities!

  3. Get this! The one is Salt Lake City has painted paint stirring sticks hanging in the window, hard to explain but it looks so awesome!

    My goal in life is to one day be the decorator of Anthro, ya it won't happen but I'll keep dreaming.