Best Friend Earrings


A few weekends ago,
my friend Christina and I went out
for some much needed girl chat and catching up.

Whenever Christina and I meet up,
we always go shopping. 
I know its more common for friends
to meet up for dinner or coffee,
but there are so many advantages
to shopping instead!
Reasons why it is better 
to go shopping with your friends
than out to eat:

1) Shopping takes longer, 
and therefore you get more 
quality time with your friends.

2) Eating out costs money,
and if you take the same amount 
you would have spent on food,
you can get some totally awesome stuff.

3) Shopping burns calories.
It's almost a workout
whereas eating adds calories.

4) is fun!
Who doesn't love new treasures?

We scored this really amazing deal 
on matching earrings from Banana Republic.
They were marked down to seven dollars.
I've been wearing them all week,
and thinking about all the fun we had.
Now that, 
my friends,
is something a burrito bowl can't do.

Christina and I,
we totally get each other.

Friends are so important!


  1. Haha sometimes I go shopping on my lunch break to occupy myself so I don't just keep eating and eating.

  2. $8 yesterday and $7 today! you are a professional bargain shopper! i love them!

  3. That is a total steal! And I love those earrings. So versatile!