The Nike Employee Store


A few weekends ago,
Husband and I got to visit
the Nike Employee Store,
which is quite a special treat.

Typically, you have to be
a Nike employee to visit the store.
The only other way in
is to know someone really nice
who will give you a guest pass.
(since we aren't employees, 
we know some really nice people)

Recently I've been wondering 
if there are Nike Employee Stores
elsewhere in the country,
or if we just have them in Oregon,
(because Nike was founded here)
so in case you are unfamiliar with 
a Nike Employee Store,
it translates to half priced,
just hit the streets,
Nike gear.
(insert squeal of joy)

The store

Running capris. I got these in black.

Pull overs. 
I got the dark blue on the far right.
They are so comfortable!
And a lot of times I am cold when I first start my workout.
These keep me warm until my cardio catches up.

Ugh! I wanted this.
But I don't do anything outside in the rain.
(I'm not that dedicated)
And I can't justify getting something
I have no use for.
No matter how pretty
(and polka dotted!!)

Our cart of loot!

Have any of you ever been to a  Nike Employee Store?

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  1. whhhhhat? no! we definitely don't have them in louisiana, but my friends works for nike in texas, i'm gonna have to find out if he knows about this! so jealous!