Husband Cooks (Part 2)


Enlove with Life
is proud to present,
a conversation from last week...

Husband: If you empty the dishwasher,
I'll clean the kitchen and make dinner.

Me: OKAY!!
(scrambling to the kitchen before he can change his mind)

So loved and spoiled!


  1. YUM! that looks sooo good! He's a keeper!

  2. Haha my boyfriend and I have all kinds of deals like that. For example, if he does the laundry at the laundromat, Ill fold it and put it away.

    That looks GOOD! What is it??

  3. Rose - I'm glad to hear other couples are like that too! I love the laundry idea. Ours usually ends being I wash and fold and then pester him until he puts them away on the closet shelves I can't reach! Also, the dinner was quinoa noodles, red sauce, ground turkey, and green onions. I'm gluten-free and quinoa noodles are a great substitute!

  4. Wow your husband rocks! Mine is more of the I'll clean up after dinner type! But I'll take that cause the last thing I wanna do after making a meal is clean up.


  5. aww so sweet! looks delicious!! xoxo <3