My Valentine


Since meeting my Husband,
I have had the most wonderful Valentines Days.
I am so thankful to be waking up
next to the most caring, supportive, and amazing Husband
I could ever dream up.

(isn't he handsome? these are from our wedding)

Despite the fact that Valentine's Day is today,
my Husband has been spoiling me for the last two weeks.
Last week, 
he surprised me with the most gorgeous JCrew necklace
that I'd been eyeing for months.

And what I love most about this gesture,
is that he noticed me staring at it in all the JCrew catalogues
and through the display window,
and then went back and secretly picked it up for me.
It's gestures like this
that let you know someone is paying attention
to the things that make you smile. 

And then as if that wasn't enough, 
when I came home from errand running this weekend,
he met me in the garage with a bouquet of roses. 

I have a quality man. 

This Friday we will be going to see 
one of his favorite artists;
Matt Kearney.
We were suppose to see him two years ago,
but Husband got called into work
20 minutes before the show. 
This is the first time Matt Kearney
has come back since then.
I know a good Valentine's Day gift when I see it.

In case you don't know
who Matt Kearney is...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I hope you all have friends and family,
to surround you with love today!


  1. he looks like the nascar driver kasey kahne. you ever get that? lol :) really pretty necklace xx

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  2. Oh my gosh! I'd never heard that before, but I just googled him and you are totally right! He DOES look like Kasey Kahne! And since my Husband rides motocross, I guess they both share the need for speed! Thanks so much for the comment :)