Handmade Valentines


This year I decided to make Valentine's 
for some of my girl friends at work.
I love the idea of taking time throughout the year 
to let the people in your life know they matter to you.

I decided that I'd surprise some of my friends
by leaving Valentine's Day flowers on their desk.
And I put them in a cute little pot,
hoping they'd bring sunshine to their cube year round.

Primroses from Fred Meyer
(which now make me think of the Hunger Games)

Potting them on the kitchen table

Planting success

craft supplies

I ended up using office labels, double sided tape, ribbon, and sharpies

Finished product!

I really had fun with this,
and may end up doing it again next year.
I just need to figure out a way to get them around
to all my girl friends that don't work in the same office.
Maybe I can hire Cupid?


  1. i think these are so cute! i wish i was your c-worker to receive such a fun valentines day gift. what a pretty gift!!

  2. You are the best! These flowers made me feel so loved! Thank you! xoxo