Two of My Favorite Things


I was watching Hart of Dixie this week,
and I found myself staring at two 
of my favorite things;
Lemon's wardrobe
and JCrew.

I've already mentioned before
what a HUGE fan I am 
of Lemon's vintage wardrobe.
As I was watching this week's episode,
I kept fixating on her gorgeous necklace. 
It was so perfect,
and I had a feeling I'd seen it before.
I like to think I have a pretty good eye
for recognizing JCrew items,
and once I got a good look 
I knew I'd seen it in their catalog.




Isn't it gorgeous?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the delicateness of it, even though it's such a statement piece.

  2. Just FYI you can buy authentic J Crew jewelry (brand new in packaging) on EBay for way less money. It does come from Hong Kong and takes a week to arrive, but it is the exact same necklace. I compared it to one I bought at J Crew. They are totally identical. Be sure to buy from a power seller with a good reputation. I have had no problems ordering from them.