Last Week in Photos


I love seeing snapshots of people's lives,
so here is my last week in photos:

My sweet co-worker made me a headphone case
for my purse. It is so wonderful!

Valentine's Day necklace from my Husband 
(from JCrew)

Valentine's Day cupcake from Husband
(gluten-free of course!)

Valentine's Day bracelet (the teal one) from Husband.
(also from JCrew)

Gluten-free grocery shopping

Computer background at work

Roses from Husband

Rereading one of my favorite books.
Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

I hope you all had a wonderful week!


  1. Did Husband make that cupcake?!

  2. Hmm I may have to check out that book...

  3. @Rose - Oh I wish Husband could make those cupcakes! Instead he stopped by a special gluten-free bakery to pick up something sweet for me. He's a great man!

    @Krysten - It is seriously an awesome book. I'm a fan of Twilight and House of Night. If you like either of those series I think you will like this one.

    @Becoming Refined - Thank you so much!