Change the Game


I spend a lot of time on Pinterest,
(it's addicting...)
and there is a current trend with the
'Keep Calm and [blank]' signs. 
They have them for almost everything.

Keep Calm and 
eat chocolate
wear your high heels, etc.

But  I actually saw one the other day
that I found pretty meaningful.


Keep Calm and Change the Game.

Why have I never thought of that?
I love the empowerment this idea brings.

Instead of feeling frustrated
by the way things are done,
make new rules.  
It's so brilliant. 

So this is my new mantra. 
Next time I am confronted with something
that makes me less than happy,
I'm going to try and change the game.

Thank you Hunger Games.
You continue to bring happiness to my life.
Now I just need to go see your movie.
(I've been hearing great reviews!)


  1. love love love this poster. and love its message beyond HG :0) very nice

  2. I haven't read The Hunger Games, but I do love the statement!