Polka Dots and Mint


Blazer: Bebe (Thrifted), Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Anthro (Thrifted), Shoes: Nine West, 
Bracelets: JCrew and Thrifted, Necklace: TJ Maxx

This was my 'casual Friday' outfit at work last week.

I actually almost didn't but this shirt.
I was standing in Old Navy,
trying decide if the ruffle was cute,
or just kind of weird.
It was a close call.

But after wearing it last week,
I decided I love it so much,
that I needed it in hot pink too.
So Friday on my way home from work
I went back to Old Navy and bought a second one.
(what, it was only $9).

I'm pretty sure this is a common thing.
How many of you buy the same thing in multiple colors?


  1. i'm in love with the mint right now.
    i went and tried on a pair of mint jeans and i made myself like them. when really, i didn't. so i left them at the store.
    anyways, i like your mint!
    xx jes

  2. I've bought solid-colored staples in multiple colors before, usually tank tops or plain cotton fitted T-shirts. They really come in handy!