Date Night at Costco


Okay, so this wasn't "technically" a date.
And call me a little strange,
but I actually found shopping at Costco 
last night with my Husband to be extremely romantic.

We walked the aisles holding hands,
talked about our days,
planned our coming week,
and shared lots of kisses.
(I can't resist my man)

Isn't this what marriage is all about?
A lifetime of small moments like this
with the one you love
that take your breathe away.

Also, how cute is my Husband?

Husband: Okay, I got the toilet paper, what's next?

Husband: Hey, what are you doing over there?

Husband: Are you taking my picture for your blog?
Me: Who me? Never. Just keep doing what you're doing. Pretend the camera isn't here...

And because real men can't visit Costco without buying food,
we got him a chicken bake.

I love him so much. 


  1. So sweet! That really IS what love and marriage are about. It doesn't matter what age, size, color, background, or orientation you are. Love is love. And looks just like your date at Costco!

  2. My dad and I used to go on "dates" to Costco. We'd wander the aisles looking at gadgets and eating free samples, and if that didn't fill us up it was time for a hot dog! Those father-daughter dates were the best!

  3. Very sweet! I love the little moments that just make you feel overwhelmed with love for your spouse :)

    {P.S. Did you know your comment word verification is on?}