Friday Letters


Dear Husband: My favorite moment from last weekend was when you came home Saturday from hiking and skiing all day. Watching you limp around the house all hunched over like an 80 year old man was priceless. I am so looking forward to growing old with you. You make me smile.

Dear Body: I am sorry you have been neglected. I have taken you for granted. I have failed to provide you nutritious meals and take you to the gym for regular work outs, and instead provided you little sleep in exchange for long days at the office. But seeing as my work load isn't going to let up, can we call a temporary truce?

Dear Weather: Please stop raining. I know we live in Portland, the capital of rain, but you've been raining straight since like September. I need Vitamin D.

Dear Target: I'm in love with the leopard jeans you sold me. $22 bucks? Amazing. I would be extra grateful if you could also get said jeans in floral print. Pretty please?

Dear Amazon: Thank you for your cheap books, without which I would not be able to afford my young adult fiction obsession.

Dear Stephenie Meyer: Okay, we get it. You made a ton of money from your Twilight series, but it's been YEARS since you published anything. Can you maybe, you know, write something new? I really liked the Host. Maybe you could write a sequel to that?

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  1. loved the letter to Stephanie Meyer!

    New follower :)

    follow me back?? xoxo

  2. I got some of those target jeans in bright red and yellow! love it! target is so great! loved your letters, thanks for linking up!


  3. aww i love these :0) are you so adorable - hahah and the Dear S. Meyer is HILARIOUS. so true.

  4. I loved the note to Stephanie Meyer! I agree thought she needs to make another good book maybe with something without a triangle love.

  5. Those jeans in floral would be AMAZING!

    And... why are you so pretty? Seriously!