Me Time


Work has been crazy busy lately.
Crazy busy as in 
quite a few of us have been working weekends.
But despite working this weekend,
I finally carved out some much needed 'me time'.

Usually when I work Saturday,
I spend all day Sunday catching up on house work.
But this weekend, 
Husband beat me to quite a bit of it,
(he's so great!)
which meant I had more time for fun activities!

Friday after work I went and got my brows done.
I was really stressed out about this appointment,
because I needed to work Friday night as well.
When I got there,
I was ready to rush through the appointment, 
and get the heck out of there.
But my brow stylist is a perfectionist
(which I appreciate from the person sculpting my brows)
and by the time she was done,
I felt like a new woman.
I was calm,
and I didn't feel as stressed by the work awaiting me. 

{rarely seen Portland sunlight on my way to brow appointment}

Saturday night after I finished the last of my work,
I decided to treat myself to some shopping.
I went to Old Navy,
and stumbled upon the largest clearance section ever. 
I got five gorgeous shirts.
And one of them was even marked down to $1.97
(oh how I love that)

{Old Navy goodies}

Um...and then I was on a shopping high...
and I went to Target.
But I'm glad I did,
because I got this amazing striped dress, 
and some great cherry red accessories. 

{Target goodies}

{new purse}

I was also able to find time to clean some things
that had fallen behind on my checklist 
(hello vacuum. do you remember me?)
and get some delicious meals cooked for next week.

I haven't felt this great in weeks.
So thank you to my incredibly loving Husband,
for helping tidy the house this weekend,
and for supporting my need for some 'me time'.
You are the best. 
(and sorry about the shopping spree. I am working on better self control))
((okay, that's a lie. I really like shopping. You knew that going in))


  1. Wow! That is quite the shopping spree you went on, but heck, you deserve it with all that work you've been doing! Doesn't it feel amazing to just get caught up on EVERYTHING? I think it might just be the best feeling in the world so I can totally relate to what you're saying here!

    new follower :)

  2. i am definitely going to old navy tomorrow to scour the clearance racks now. thanks!!!
    xx jes, newest follower

  3. $1.97? not real life. i wish i had your luck :)
    i must go immediately!

  4. Wow! You really got your shop on! JEALOUS! Post more outfit pictures. You're so pretty, and I like your style, girl!