Oh Target, You Make Me So Happy


I went to Target a few weeks ago
to just sort of browse the aisles.
(yes, I am behind on my posting...bad blogger!)
I didn't really need anything,
but I always stumble across the best finds
when I am just wandering around stores without purpose.
It's when I actually need to find something specific,
that I can never find what I want.

This shopping cart of goodies has
leopard jeans, a new crystal lamp base, a mustard yellow lamp shade
and new blinds for the kitchen.

Isn't the lamp base gorgeous?
I saw it a few weeks back, 
but it was more money than I wanted to spend.
But when I came back it was on sale!

These are our new blinds.
They only cost $15.
You really can't beat that.

I think Target just became
one of my new favorite places.


  1. It JUST became a new favorite place of yours?! Tegan, you're kidding me! Well, good for you, because you've probably saved a lot of time and money over the last x amount of years! ;-)