BTW, I Like Your Outfit


Jacket: JCrew (thrifted), Sweater: JCrew, Pants: Gap (thrifted), 
Shoes: Born, Necklace: Hawaii

Tuesday on my way home from work,
I stopped at the grocery store to get some grub.
As I was leaving the checkout line, 
the girl ringing me up said 
'By the way, I like your outfit"

When I got dressed that morning,
this was my thought process:

1) I wore heels yesterday and had to hobble 
through the pain as I walked to JCrew.  
Today I will wear flats.

2) Um... can I wear jeans to work?
Ya, I don't have any client meetings.
I can wear jeans to work.

3) Yesterday was SO COLD.
I need a fluffy sweater.

4) Is this too casual?
Oh wait, I'll add some pearls.

5) Still to casual. 
I'll add a blazer.


To be honest,
I didn't even really look in the mirror
before I left for work wearing this.
I was just too lazy and tired.
So hearing the cashier say she liked it
as I was leaving the grocery store?
That was awesome.
And that is why you get to see this outfit today.

But I was having a bad hair/make up day,
so you don't get to see my face.


  1. I feel like every time I successfully piece together an outfit, my hair and makeup look crappy. I love your outfit :)

  2. Your outfit is super cute! I'm headed to the US at the end of this month to visit my sister (a detour of a work trip to spain) from Australia so I can't wait to go shopping :)

    I usually always have the same thought pattern when getting ready for work so it was hilarious to hear someone else do the same thing!