tid + bits


1. New scarves at JCrew. Aren't they gorgeous? I would love the leopard one (obviously), the hot pink and fuchsia one, or even the floral print (second in from the right). Oh too many choices, not enough money.

2. New JCrew bracelet from Husband. I am so spoiled and loved. Not that I have a problem with either of those things.

3. New earrings (from mom) and new iphone case (also from husband). Pretty much, everything looks better in leopard.

4. Office work space. Favorite wedding picture for my computer background, fresh flowers to bring spring to my desk, and my pink water bottle. I must look pretty girly at work.

5. Mint nails!! Nail polish by Essie. Can't remember the color, but if you are super interested email me and I will run upstairs and check. There is something about pretty nails that just make a keyboard look better.

6. Cherry red, patent leather pumps. Need I say more.

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  1. Love the mint nails, the red shoe :) and that bracelet... well just all of it really :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. i'm coming over and i'm borrowing it all.
    even that ring you have. even that keyboard as a matter of fact. all of it looks fun and it all belongs on me for a split second or two.

  3. 1. I love those scarves!
    2. Gorgeous bracelet!
    3. You're so pretty & I love the phone cover.
    4. Pretty flowers :)
    5. Love that nail polish color.
    6. There's nothing better than a pair of cherry red, patent leather pumps.

    So cool that your husband races motocross. Oh I completely understand, the track is like my home away from home but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

    Nice to meet you too!


  4. Ooooh that bracelet. It's calling my name. Is it still at JCrew? I think if I brought flowers to work, someone would be like dude, did Andy mess up bad?

  5. I love those flowers and earrings!

    And of course, leopard is so YOU, girl! It finds its way into so many of your outfits!

  6. Love the scarves, love the bracelet I'll have one of each! cute post! Xo Tiff


  7. I love the scarves and the mint polish!! It's just starting to cool down here so I can't wait to get some new gorgeous colourful scarves :) I love the idea of having fresh flowers on yourdesk as well, being in the office can feel so drab some days.

  8. Visiting from Tids + Bits. I love all these pretty things! :)

  9. looks like a fun link up party! i'll have to join next time. i agree with you on the j.crew scarves. i seriously love that store! :)

    andrea brionne @thedailyeverythings.blogspot.com