Friday Letters



Dear Car With the Busted Up Front End Following Me on the Highway: I don't want to sound all judgy, but you look like the kind of person who is a bad driver. You know, like the one that slams into people a lot? And all I can think about right now is that there is a good chance you are going to hit me. I'm just gonna change lanes now and let you pass...

Dear Fruity Pebbles: Thank you for going gluten-free. You make me so happy. And despite what most people would think, you make an excellent dinner. Very nutritious.

Dear Weekend: I've been debating whether to be really productive with you, or extremely lazy. Um, I'm kind leaning towards the second. Maybe I'll go shopping and call that 'productive'?

Dear Gilmore Girls: You are like the best show ever. I mean, I have a lot of shows I love now, but you are classic. You are one of those "I'm in a bad mood and I need a pick me up, so I watch you and I'm laughing and eating bowls of ice cream and the world is great again" shows. It was nice spending time with you Thursday night.

Dear Weekend (Part 2): Okay, I've got it...I NEED to organize the guest rooms upstairs, so I'll go SHOPPING for those really cute wicker baskets that you can throw everything in and suddenly your house looks clean. Yes, that is what I will do. That way I can shop AND be productive. I'm so smart.

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  1. I try to do as much gluten free as I can. My tests came back negative for celiac... but I don't know if I'm sold on that. I will have to go pick me up some fruity pebbles! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your tweet about living in Stars Hallow yesterday had me laughing! Too good!

    And truth: Fruity Pebbles was the favorte cereal growing up! LOVED IT!

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend, beautiful girl!

  3. you crack me uppppp! just lettin ya know, i nominated you for the liebster award on my blog today, hope your weekend is wonderful :)

  4. I am now in need of a Fruity Pebble & Gilmore Girl fix! :-) Love your blog!

  5. Yay for Fruity Pebbles! Good job : ) You are SO right about Gilmore Girls - why does it always make life better? And shopping is always productive : )

  6. Ha! I totally judge drivers based on the car they drive. Glad I'm not the only one ;)

    Happy weekend, Tegan!

  7. I definitely have lots of those "throw everything in" wicker baskets. Hope you found some good stuff!

  8. oh fruity pebbles is a most excellent dinner! you are my kinda girl! xoxo