Christian Dior at my Thrift Store?


I picked up my new signature piece
(which I've been told you can call something if you wear it every day)
at my favorite thrift store. 
It has the perfect amount if sparkle,
and it fits my wrist like it was custom made for me.
(I have freakishly small wrists, so this is a big deal)

the best part is,
when you turn it over it says "Chr. Dior. (C)"

Now, I am pretty sure this is a knock off.
I can't even begin to believe
there would be a Dior bracelet at my local thrift store.
Especially since I only paid $5 for it.

But I've shown a couple of friends, 
and they are convinced it is legit.
They told me to have it appraised.

I'm not even sure where you would take something
like this to find out if its authentic,
and I'm honestly happy with it even if it is a knock off,
so part of me doesn't care to know.

But I'm curious,
have any of you found crazy things like this at your thrift stores?


  1. Just pretend it's real and tell everyone it is! :) Haha!! It's super cute either way!


  2. crap! jenna beat me!
    and i agree with jenna, just tell everyone its real.
    i'll play along.

  3. Holy Holy Moly! This is amazing! I'm dying. I'm in love with it. I want to come to your thrift store!