What I Wore Wednesday


Shirt: Old Navy, Vest: Ann Taylor LOFT, Leggings: Nordstrom, 
Boots: Banana Republic, Necklace: JCrew

Today I am linking up with one of my 
very favorite fashion bloggers,
on how to style a chambray shirt.

We were emailing about our closets one day,
and thought it might be fun to coordinate styling 
the same pieces different ways on our blogs! 
That way you can see multiple ways
to wear a certain trend. 
If you think this is a fun idea,
please be sure to let us know 
so we can set up more of these posts!

I purchased my chambray shirt last year 
at Old Navy for pretty cheap.
I like that it has a different proportion
than the typical chambray.
I can still wear it tucked into skirts or pants,
but since it is on the longer shirt-dress side,
I have a lot of fun pairing it with leggings.

And the fur vest?
What can I say.
I wanted one all winter and finally found this
on clearance at the LOFT.
It was marked down from $98 to $20


  1. I have yet to buy a chambray shirt although I've been seeing them more and more.

    Gotta get on the wagon I guess. Like the outfit!

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the length of yours! Thanks so much for teaming up with me!