Friday Letters


Dear Husband: I love you so very much. You really scared me this week with your motocross crash. Be forewarned  that you will be on the receiving end of lots (and lots) of hugs for the next few weeks.

Dear Groceries: It would be great if you could put yourself away while I write this post. And also let the kitchen know to clean itself. Thanks! From, Management

Dear Cosmetic Industry: Seriously? Could you make it anymore difficult to find out if your product has gluten in it? And stop giving me this lame excuse of 'we clearly label all our ingredients'. I'm sorry I don't know the scientific names for all the derivatives of wheat, barely, rye, etc. Let's just make things simple and have you put 'contains gluten' or 'gluten-free' on the labels. Kay?

Dear JCrew: You make me so happy! Thank you local JCrew store for having these ballet flats in my size, on clearance for $14. I am now the proud owner of both a black and blue pair. With prices like that, you bet I'm buying two!


Dear Bloggy Friends: Thank you for stopping by my blog and visiting me! I hit 14,000 pageviews today and I am so excited! It has been so wonderful meeting and becoming friends with you all. I hope to see you around again soon :)

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  1. Visiting from Friday's Letters! Great list! I am always wishing my groceries would put themselves away. It's not enough that we have to drag them all in the house, then we have to unload and deal with the millions of plastic bags at my house. :) Hope you'll hop over and see my letters too!

  2. where is this "local" jcrew you speak of and do they still have these flats?

  3. haha i hate putting groceries away and cleaning up the kitchen, too! i think it's because it's a never-ending job- the groceries disappear and you blink and the kitchen's dirty! WHAA?!

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! so happy i found you through tid+bits.


  4. These are the best!! So if we pooled our money together we could just go on a shopping spree to J.Crew right? :)