Thoughts on Being an MX Wife


Last night marked our first night 
at the motocross (mx) track this season.

Husband had a great start to the night.
He was practicing intermediate/pro
and if I do say so,
my Husband looked awesome.
He was super fast, 
and doing great on the jumps.

And the man looks good in mx gear.

When you are married to a mx racer,
you spend a lot of long days at the track.
(no really, like almost every weekend)
So you have to find ways to amuse yourself.

Like taking pictures of your wellies dancing...

And a large part of your job,
is trying to keep calm 
while your Husband zips across the track.
I'm not very good at this part.

I was watching Husband on his second practice round,
and then all of a sudden, 
he disappeared around a corner and didn't come back.
I'm pretty good at watching his pace,
and I know when too much time has passed
and he should have come around that corner.

This is the part where I start standing 
on the bed of the truck
frantically scanning the track
in case somehow I just lost track of him
and he has magically appeared at the other end.

I had just entered
'drop your stuff and sprint to the track mode'
when I saw him reappear on his bike. 
I thought everything was okay
because he was riding his bike back towards me.

But then he got back to our truck
and dismounted the bike,
I saw he wasn't moving normal.
And then I saw he had shredded his mx gear.

Long story short,
Husband flipped over the top of his bike, 
and in the process
he slammed his wrist
(the one he's already broken once)
and then got slammed by his bike. 
The bike tore through his pants
(which are really thick if you aren't familiar with mx gear)
and then through his shorts he was wearing underneath.
The bike doesn't look that great right now either.

MX wives are suppose to be brave,
because crashes happen all the time.
But my reaction to this?
I was freaking out.
Like seriously trying to take him to a hospital.
To which I was told I was over reacting and he was fine.
And then once I accepted that he was fine,
I was crying. 
At the mx track.
Talk about ruining your street cred. 

Husband seems fine now.
As I am writing this post he is icing, 
eating fruity pebbles, 
and watching tv. 
And about every two minutes there is another round
of me asking if he is okay.
Then giving him hugs where I hold on a little too long.
Followed by kisses.
And then one more 
'are you sure you're okay?'

I don't know how my nerves are ever going to survive the summer.


  1. That is exciting and frightening at the same time.You get lots of adventure..but again if he is hurt then you live a hell until he gets to the hospital...:(
    I'm following you, return some love back?

  2. Oh girl. You are way stronger than I would be! I get concerned when Andy's back hurts from sleeping wrong, I wouldn't be able to handle him doing scary stuff like that!

  3. Oh my gosh I would never be able to watch! haha I freak out way too much, constant panic attack! haha :)

  4. SCARY!! I can't imagine you being calm during any of this. I know I wouldn't be. I don't like it when Phil goes fishing.

    When do you have to go back?

  5. Oh my goodness! I am so glad that he is ok! I could not handle watching, just for the fear of an accident! You are one brave and good wife!!
    And I think that your lingering hugs are well justified :)

  6. I totally know where you're coming from. When they disappear around a corner & don't come back, panic mode sets in.

    Glad he's okay though :)

    Love the pictures!


  7. Oh my god!!! I'm glad he's okay!