'Man Chores'


My Husband hasn't been making
enough of an appearance
on this here blog lately.
This is mostly because
he is always the one taking my outfit post pictures.
The man behind the camera if you will.

But last week
Husband brought home a new screen door,
and I've decided my new favorite thing
is watching him do 'man chores'.

Fixing things around the house,
doing yard work,
working on the car...
can I get an amen ladies?
There is something just so sexy
about watching your man do man chores.

I always feel a bit lazy
when I just sit back and watch,
but sometimes you just need to take in the moment
and relish in how lucky you are.


  1. Hahaha I totally agree! Nothing looks better on my hubby than him fixing something around the house :)

  2. So agree!!!! What is better then a man who can fix stuff and look sexy while doing it? ;)

  3. Last night Andy mowed the yard as I sat inside and watched Mad Men. Oops :)

  4. I cannot watch Chris do manchores. Why? Because we have a competition of who is the bigger alpha in our home and I always try to win. I know, its a problem. I should probably let him do manchores more. Baby steps. He does all the cooking :)

  5. what a sweet post, he'd be lucky to read that :)