tid + bits


1. What I wore to work this week, but was not able to get actual 'outfit post' worthy pictures of. Old Navy cardigan, Banana Republic shirt, JCrew necklace, Bracelets from Hawaii and Vintage, JCrew Belt, 7 For All Mankind jeans. I call this 'Tegan is going into the office, but feeling too lazy to wear slacks".

2. So, this is what I looked like when I went to go pick up the paint for our guest room. I felt a little overdone to be going into the paint store, but remember what I said about dressing for a more glamorous life? Also, I have no excuse for the duck face. I was excited it was sunny, I was wearing red lipstick, and I had huge J. Lo. glasses on. It brings out my inner diva. Please say I'm not alone? (PS this picture is now my 'about me' page picture. Have you checked it out yet?!)

3. Oh. My. Word. Have you guys tried this? I was thinking I wanted a Reeses PB cup (I just found out the non-holiday ones are gluten-free -- thanks Hersey!), but I didn't want to go to the store. Then I saw a my chocolate bar...and a nearby jar of peanut butter, and voila! Instant snack that is sure to cause my pant size to go up. And since I've eaten not one, but four chocolate bars like this this week, I'm guessing that weight is going to show up soon.

4. I couldn't resist this blue glass and necklace at the thrift store. I just love that color blue. And I already figured out like five ways to wear this necklace. This falls into the "I really didn't need it, but gosh darn it I wanted it" category.

5. This week's nail polish: Essie "Neo Whimsical" with OPI "Teenage Dream" (gift from baby sister!) on my ring finger. I am seriously obsessed with this combination. It is so fun! And I'm thinking on Friday I am going to add the glitter to the rest of my fingers to get all dolled up for the weekend. That my friends, is a transitional mani right there! From week to weekend in just a few swipes!

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  1. Very cute outfit and that necklace -love it!... I need to go thrifting!

  2. I have a jar of peanut butter at work, but no chocolate bars. Off to the store now. At 8:45 am. Thanks for that.

  3. the red lips are divine :) love your phone case!

  4. You can never go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter! One of my favorites! And that nail color? Love!

  5. Love the nail polish! I wish I was brave enough to rock the red lips. I only do on new years.. I should adopt your motto of "living a more glamourous life".

  6. I love that you said "I really didn't need it, but gosh darn it I wanted it". That basically sums up all of my purchases, ever.

  7. The outfit is awesome! Glad I found you from the link up :)

  8. i have chocolate and peanut butter and i am going to leave this comment short because i have to add them together. bye!

  9. very cute style! I absolutely love that Old Navy cardigan! Did you get that this year? It is adorable! And I love the style of painting just one nail a different color.

    new follower :)

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