I Got Wellies!


Dress: Target, Vest: Ann Taylor LOFT, Socks: Sock Dreams, Wellies/Necklace/Bracelet: JCrew

Literally the week before this post,
I was talking to my friend Megan at work.
She was wearing some super cute Hunter wellies.
(and I was jealous)
During our conversation,
I confessed that I too wanted a pair of wellies,
(like really bad!)
in my favorite color cherry red.

A few days later,
I went shopping with Best Friend Christina,
and in the clearance section of JCrew,
as though they had been placed there magically just for me,
were a pair of size 6, 
cherry red wellies,
marked down to $40.

It was meant to be.
And I love them.
Not to mention,
wellies are super comfy!
How did I not know this sooner?


  1. Those red wellies are so cute! too bad you aren't here in Sydney... the rain hasn't stopped for 3 days. I've worn my wellies to work everyday this week :)

  2. Uh. So jealous. You look like you stepped straight out of Pinterest.

  3. That really was meant to be! I've wanted wellies for a really, really long time, but unfortunately, it's currently at the bottom of my "to buy" list. And I definitely haven't had any magical clearance moments like you!

  4. I really want some wellies! Love your red ones. I just became a new follower to your blog and I'm having a blast reading it.