Value Village Treasure Hunt: Part Eight


Can I just say,
this weekend's thrifting was EPIC.

I hadn't gone thrifting in a while,
and I think that as a result 
I had built up a lot of good shopping karma.

It's hard to determine what my favorite finds are.
I've been wanting an old fashioned globe for a while now,
and I had this cinematic moment
where I was scanning the sweater rack for the ultimate find,
and then I looked up
and across the room I saw the globe,
on a shelf,
waiting for me.

And then I mad dashed through the store,
wheeling my little cart behind me,
so I could grab it.
I'm guessing I looked pretty funny.

I'm also really excited about my painting,
for which my Husband has no appreciation.
He came home and saw it and said,
"ahhh, what's with the giant painting?"

It's actual canvas.
You can see the brush strokes.
And that frame?
Come one.
Bloggy friends?
Can I get some support here?
(It was only $14!)

But I guess if I had to pick one thing,
I'd say I hold a special place in my heart
for my new Armani Exchange sweater,
complete with fur collar.
Isn't it amazing?

I wonder if I can wear this grocery shopping?
Sometimes I feel like I buy my wardrobe
for a much more glamorous life.
But whatever,
that's just me :)

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  1. that globe is amazing! so jealous!

  2. The fur sweater is redonk. And it looks amazing on you.


  3. That red dress with the "greek kinda" motif is so pretty!!! Love the detail!


  4. I never find ANYTHING when I thrift. I am convinced all the hipsters in Omaha get to the good stuff before I do. Amazing finds!

  5. You definately had some luck thrifting! It's hard work, but every once in a while you find those hidden gems.. like that sweater! and I totally know what you mean about buying your wardrobe for a more glamorous life, I do the same thing!

  6. The fur, the earrings, the gold frame-it's all ROCKIN! LOVE


  7. Although I haven't traveled much, I have a thing for globes and maps too!

  8. Obsessed with the Cameo Earrings and I love the red dress!! Fab Finds Chica!