Riverdale MX


We spent part of our weekend
at Riverdale Motocross park
so Husband could get some practice time in.
It was kind of a rainy day,
so while Husband practiced,
I hung out in the car 
and did a little work and a little reading.
It was a pretty relaxing.

Husband checking into the park

The view of the track from our truck

Rain puddles I splashed through

What I wore, track edition

I hope you all had a great weekend!

As soon as I get a better camera
I am going to start posting race pictures of Husband.
Right now I have a pretty hard time
capturing them on my iphone.


  1. i am technically not allowed to comment on this because you are wearing an oregon state sweatshirt. its against the laws of manturd.

    but i am a rebel. and i like people who splash through rain puddles.

  2. Look at your cute boots! You look way too cute to be standing in that mud.

  3. love those rainboots :)

  4. It looks like a nice weekend, and I am loving those boots. I bought some rain boots, and they look so silly on me!

  5. aw fun! and i love your hot red boots - its so muddy! ha

  6. you look super cute in your red boots!! they look like they were necessary with all the mud