Gray Scale


Shirt: JCrew (thrifted), Skirt: Banana Republic, Tights: Hue, Necklace: JCrew, Shoes: Nine West

Does anyone else here dress like the weather?
When it's sunny and spring like out you were bright colors,
and then when it's dark and gloomy you wear neutrals and black?
I think I subconsciously picked this outfit
because it has been raining non-stop all week.
It's my 'rain cloud' look.

It wasn't even until after I left the house
that I realized this entire outfit was a gray scale.
When I got dressed that morning 
I wasn't planning on blogging it. 
This was just a typical day at the office outfit.

So here it folks,
I am keeping it real.
If you had bumped into me running around Portland that day,
this is actually what I would look like.
Just add a purse and a laptop bag. 


  1. I'm trying to ungrey my wardrobe because I have so much grey. But I never thought about layering it! Lookin good lady.

  2. What a great office outfitl. You look lovely. I think I dress depending on my mood. When I feel happy I wear bright fun colors and when when I'm under the weather or feeling a bit blue i wear black or grey. I love your blog and I'm your new follower. Give a visit when you can :)

  3. This really works for an office... you look great, chic, profesional... well done!

  4. Where did you get that necklace from? So beautiful!!