Blogger Date Night


Alternate titles included:

+ Good gluten free pizza is worth the drive

+ Bloggy besties are awesome

+ Three dogs are better than two

+ Feng Shui is pronounced "fung shway"

+ Natalie stole my PNW Blogger Name Tag and won't give it back

+ When bloggers eat pizza it takes 3 hours to consume two pieces

Jestina has the best key search words for her blog

+ We need to go to Drag Queen Bingo

+ I only post pictures I look good in.
(which is why I left one out today)

Is it Friday yet?


  1. DRAG QUEEN BINGO! August. Ladies. August.

  2. yes on drag queen bingo.
    and for some reason, i imagine you to pronounce it like... d-hrog chueen bango.
    i don't know. i just have a feeling.

  3. drag queen bingo? Lol lol

    ♥ B
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