Tori's Baby Shower (Part 1)


This weekend I had the pleasure
of hosting a baby shower
for my very sweet, very pregnant,
sister-in-law Tori.

Tori's dream was to have 
an old fashioned tea party,
complete with big hats, 
fine china, 
and lots of delicate details. 

{guests at the tea party}

{Tori opening presents}

{chair decorations}

{fine china}

As part of the shower decorations,
I had posters made from her maternity photo shoot.
This gorgeous pictures is a personal favorite of mine,
and was taken by Brenna Bryce Photography.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the posters,
and I thought they added a nice personal touch
to the baby shower decorations.
I was also really impressed
with the photo reproduction quality.
Can you believe I had these printed at Costco?

{ice cream sundae bar}

One of Tori's pregnancy cravings
has been ice cream sundaes.
I decided to skip the traditional baby shower cake,
and instead made an ice cream sundae bar
using tea cups for serving dishes.

{ice cream sundae dishes}

Each tea cup contained a scoop
of either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream
with room on top for a variety of toppings.

The collection of tea cups made for a beautiful display,
and the ice cream was perfect
on a hot summer day. 

I hope the mother-to-be had a wonderful time
at her baby shower tea party!
Personally, I can't wait to meet
 my niece or nephew!


  1. i was at a baby shower this weekend and can i just say - this one looks fablous! i love the tea cups and LOVE the ice cream sunday bar idea :)

    you are quite the party planner!

  2. Can you say GORGEOUS? That is the most beautiful baby shower I have ever seen!

  3. Stunning! Love all of the little details, right down to the chair decorations!

  4. So girly and so fun! I love the theme and, of course, the reason for celebration:-) xoxo

  5. This is so awesome! I love all of the decorations and the posters are absolutely the PERFECT personal touch! Where were you when I was pregnant!? I had four showers {count 'em four!} and none of them were this nice!

  6. How sweet. You did an spectacular job with all the decorations. So many sweet touches - the posters are wonderful and I love the sundae bar :]