Thursday Night Motocross


Thursday nights during Motocross season
are spent at Portland International Raceway (PIR)
for their Thursday Night Moto series.

{Husband warming up the bike}

{Warm up on the track}

As far as motocross races go,
I think I aged 5-10 years
and gained significant gray hair at this event.

The number of crashes I saw
where people can't even get up
(they just lay there until someone can carry them off)
was more than I normally see.

The entire time I am at one of these,
I have to repeat this to myself

"This is something Husband loves.
You need to support his dreams,
and not look so freaked out"

I think it's working.
I only cried once.
And I was done trembling with fear
by the time he got back from his race.
I consider this a success!
Also, once again I am extremely grateful
that we left with no injuries. 

On a more random note,
I thought I'd show you some MX fashion.

For Thursday Night Motocross,
I go straight from work to the track.
I try and dress in a way that facilitates 
an easy outfit change.

Normally this means a skirt to work
(so I can pull on some leggings when I leave)
and some kind of layered work shirt,
(so I can change out of my work shirt
but still be covered in a tank top or tee)

Well last Thursday I forgot the tee,
so I had to rock my work shirt
at the track.

I think I started a new trend.
It's called, 
JCrew motocross chic.
What do we think?


  1. I love your JCrew motocross chic outfit :p

  2. i flippin love your jcrew motocross chic. are those red hunters??

    kuddos to you girl. honestly, i don't think i could watch my man do that kind of stuff. i'd have panic attacks. i'm a worry wart.

  3. JCrew motocross chic is SO in right now. I just know it.

  4. We like this look. Honestly, can you go wrong with J Crew and Hunter boots? I think not.