Scenes of Late


{inspiration for backyard projects}

{local art}

{maple bacon beer -- so weird that Husband had to try it}

{inspired by the local donut company, VooDoo Donuts}

{best gluten-free cheesecake discovery ever}

{spring colors and outfit inspiration}

{what girl doesn't love fairy roses?}

Just some scenes from life around these parts. 

Husband must have noticed my fascination
with flowers lately,
 because last night he surprised me
with the most beautiful orchid!

I made him promise to help me take care of it.
I am horrible at keeping plants alive,
and this one is to gorgeous to let die.


  1. I cannot wait to try that beer while I'm in PORTLAND!

  2. um hello! what kind of cheesecake is that?! I have a gluten intolerance and would probably have to agree that that would be the best discovery ever..let me know!

  3. SUCH gorgeous pics!! You're making me want to go and buy myself some flowers!

  4. I liked the Rogue Voodoo beer! I brought back several bottles to DC from OR this summer :)