The Zoo


{The Oregon Zoo}


{sad monkey face}

{he did not appreciate his reading material}

{they were setting up for a fundraiser}

{elephant butts}

{zebra print}

{giraffe print - completely under utilized in fashion}

As if the Farmers Market wasn't enough
Jes, Nat and I decided that girls day should continue
with a trip to the zoo.

It was more like I said
'today would be an awesome day
to visit the zoo'
and then Jes was like
'let's go!'
And then we did.

So we walked miles through the zoo
in three inch heels. 
All of us.
Actually, Jes changed out of flats
into her heels for the walk through the zoo.
Beauty is pain people!
And we had to look our best for the animals.


  1. giggling at your comment "elephant butts" because i'm immature.
    i love the zoo.

  2. Why is it that every time I go to the Oregon zoo the elephant booties are out? ha!