Pattern Mixing


Pants/Scarf: Banana Republic, Shirt/Belt: JCrew, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Sunnies: Target

Husband and I went for a quick date night Monday night.
We went to our favorite shopping center,
picked up a few new clothing items for Husband,
(he looks so handsome!)
ate some gluten free cupcakes,
and strolled hand in hand. 
It was perfection.

Also, who doesn't love a good 
stripes and floral print mix?
I just love wearing stripes this summer.
I may or may not have four striped dresses.
I can't get enough.


  1. I love this outfit girl! That scarf is perfection!

  2. just found your blog, and I lovvve your style :) please come check out my blog some time!!