Farmers Market


{Farmers Market}

{mouth watering tomatoes}


{produce that puts the super market to shame}

{I loved this old lady -- she has so much spunk!}

{live music}

{donut break - I took pictures while they ate gluten}

{adorable puppy}

{Jes looking gorgeous}

Saturday morning Jes, Natalie and I 
all met up for a girls day at the Farmers Market.

It was fun to walk around,
take in all the beautiful flowers,
see what fresh produce looks like,
and enjoy the sunshine. 

The best part of blogging,
is making new friends!

And speaking of new friends,
my friends at eshaki just sent over
a 10% off discount code for all my friends!
You can use this on top of any additional sale prices.
Use the Code: EN24GAN
This should work through the end of the month.


  1. Ahh I love the farmer's market!! We have one here on Wednesdays less than a mile away. It's kindof tradition now to walk there and let our son pick out a few things. That lady looks like she has a lot of fun spunk! Something so charming about elderly people who do! Mmm donuts! that sounds divine! I have a hard time passing up the treats at our market! They have local chocolate-dipped ice cream bars in amazing flavors like coconut and maple. Love your friend's shop!! I am dying over the turquoise drop earrings. So very pretty!! I just might have to put that code to good use!! Love!!

    Have a wonderful Monday!!

  2. Tegan!

    It was so good running into you this past weekend! It's a true sign that we've gone way too long without seeing other and need to schedule a date soon!! Hope your Monday is going well and talk to you soon hun!!

  3. sooo fun! ah, I'm sorry to have missed it.

  4. That is quite possibly the WORST picture of me ever. I will remember this little one.