Vintage Secretary


Shirt: Banana Republic (thrifted), Skirt: Ann Taylor (thrifted), 
Shoes: Nine West, Bracelets: Vintage, JCrew

Sometimes I feel like I am constantly running
to stay in pace with my life.

Wake up early, 
make breakfast and pack lunch,
work a full day,
go to an after work function,
go to the gym, 
(I've been slacking on that lately)
stop by the grocery store,
make dinner,
clean the kitchen,
write a blog post,
go to sleep,

When I do take time to sit down,
read a book, 
paint my toe nails, 
watch TV,
I feel like I spend the whole time thinking
about my ever growing to do list that is waiting for me.

But here is the thing,
everyone is dealing with this, right?
I don't feel like any of those items I mentioned
are out of the ordinary. 
I'm pretty sure everyone else has to clean their house
and feed themselves. 
But how does everyone keep up with it all?
Maybe I'm just more aware of it
because I took those five days off.
Those glorious five days of total relaxation. 

Anyhow, this all has absolutely 
nothing to do with my outfit,
which I love because it has a 
vintage secretary vibe to it.
Possibly because everything is thrifted,
or maybe because of the tulip shape to the skirt,
or maybe the cute tie around the turtleneck.
Either way, I had tons of fun twirling around in this outfit. 

Everyday should be a day of dress up.
Wear something that makes you happy.


  1. I love - LOVE - this skirt on you. You look so sassy and chic.
    gorgeous dahling!

  2. You looks so cute! Love the outfit :)