Dress: JCrew, Necklace: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Guess

Husband and I attended the wedding this weekend,
of our dear friends Nichole and Clay.
Their wedding was beautiful, 
and we were so excited to share their day with them.

Nichole and I have been friends since college,
and she is actually the reason Husband and I met.
Nichole and Husband use to work together,
and since he was new in town,
she introduced him to our group of friends. 
We met at birthday party that year,
and the rest is history!

This was also the first wedding Husband and I attended
since having our own last summer.
There is something magical about going to weddings
with your husband. 
It reminds you of the excitement of your own wedding day,
the vows you shared,
and the start of your lives together. 
And the best part, 
you are no longer subjected to the bouquet toss. 
But true story,
Nichole caught my wedding bouquet toss. 
Those things actually do work!

And now for some fashion,
I bought this dress last year 
for my Bachlorette Party.
I love, love this bright blue color.
I was inspired to wear it to this wedding
because it perfectly matched the new necklace
I picked up on Friday.
It was on clearance for $19.98.
I think it's become a new obsession of mine!


  1. You look gorgeous! I love that blue on you - and how awesome that you wore it to a wedding and wedding related event!? And that statement necklace! Drool.

  2. The color of this dress is gorgeous! And I would totally be obsessed with this necklace if I owned it. :)

    The Blue Hour

  3. LOVE that dress on you, and the necklace!!! So pretty.