Bloggy Friends


{shannon and I}

{Jes, Shannon, and I}

Someone once said,
"Blogging is e-harmony for friends".
And they were so right.

One of my favorite parts of blogging
is the new friendships I have made.
It was so much fun to finally meet Shannon in person
(or "The Bung" as Jes likes to call her)
when she was in town not too long ago.

And now Jes and I are just waiting for her
to convince Andy they should move here.
And then we can all hang out all time!


  1. GAH. I know. I want to move so badly. Andy said if I talk about it one more time I have to find somewhere else to live. I said, that's fine, I'll move to Portland. He didn't think it was funny.

  2. blogging IS the eharmony for friends! Love it. One day we will have a gigantic blogger meet up nation wide and it will be the best party. ever.