I Stole These Jeans From My Sister


Shirt: Banana Republic (thrifted), Sweater/Jeans/Necklace: JCrew

I stole these jeans from my sister,
and she's not getting them back.

I think my sister bought these around 2005.
So several years ago.
It was during that glorious time when I was fully grown
and my sister was still going through her growth spurt.
Eventually, she gained an additional 5 inches on me.
While I admit this was a bit tragic at first
there was/is a silver lining,
which is that as she out grew her clothes
they still fit me.

And these were the good clothes.
The JCrew clothes that our mom was still buying her
because she hadn't moved out of the house
and gotten a full time job clothes.

So yes, I will gladly take the cast offs
thank you very much!

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