2012 in Outfits


Some of my favorite looks from 2012!

Things I've learned this year in fashion blogging:

+ You will likely wear a really fabulous outfit,
but forget to take pictures.
In which case,
it's like a tree falling in the woods with no one to hear the sound.

+ Your friends and family must really love you
to take all your outfit post pictures.

+ Keeping it real is important to me.
All these photos are from
outfits I actually wore,
on the day I actually wore them.

+ Worrying about repeating an item too many times
is only a problem for those who actually do their laundry.

+ My favorite way to 'go shopping in my closet'
is by gaining inspiration from some of my favorite fashion bloggers!!


  1. Great roundup! My faves are the orange skirt with the orange top and the striped dress. I would love to have the striped dress in my closet :)

  2. I love all of these looks! Cute blog :-) I love the tree falling in the woods thing - sooo true! Happy 2013 to you! Xo

  3. Would you mind listing some of your favorite fashion bloggers? I love your looks and would be interested to know where you get some of your inspiration. Thanks!

  4. Great outfits! I love the black shirt with the white designs on it! Happy to have found your blog and be following along! Would love if you stopped by mine :)


  5. This post is so awesome!! I love seeing all of your outfits over the year :-) The colors are fab. And yes, haha it is true that your friends and family must love you to take all those pictures. I know this first-hand.

    XOX!, Jenna