Holiday Party


Shirt/Skirt/Bracelet: JCrew, Necklace: Ann Taylor, Clutch: Banana Republic, Tights: Nordstrom

I am about four months in to my new now job.
Its starting to feel a little more like my every day routine,
but there are still a bunch of "firsts" to be had. 
This month was my first company holiday party.
(They hold it in January because it's easier to schedule)

Being the fashion conscious person that I am,
my first thought was "what do I wear?"
I had no idea if this was a
"wear you everyday work clothes" party,
"wear a cocktail dress" party,
or a "wear jeans and a button down" party.

In instances like this,
I would always rather be over dressed than under.
My rule of thumb in the business place is
you should always aim for the level of formality
that the president of the company has. 

I'm sure this is way beyond what others would have done,
but to prepare for the party 
I actually dug up pictures from the company's previous holiday parties
so I could look over the outfits. 
I came to the conclusion that people dressed pretty formal,
but there weren't any cocktail dresses. 

I ended up wearing something similar 
to what I would wear to the office
with a few more fancy touches.
I replaced the button down with a sequin shirt
and added sparkly accessories.
You also can't tell from the photos,
but my tights were polka dot. 

Overall I felt really comfortable with my outfit choice.
I was one of the more formal ones there,
but that's alright with me.

Plus, it's always fun to sparkle a little. 

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