It Was Almost Love (with a Dress)


I found this really amazing dress at Banana Republic.
A gorgeous sheath dress with sequin details on the top.

The problem?
The hips were about an inch too narrow.
This is a reoccurring problem I have.
I continual try to talk myself into thinking its okay,
but  the truth is it drives me crazy 
when the fabric pulls across your hips like this.
I also think in the last year or so
Banana Republic has narrowed the hips on their clothes.
I find myself needing to up-size items
and then have them altered in the waist to fit. 
Has anyone else noticed this?

It's also caused me to search for places
that have a better cut for my shape.
I've actually been buying a lot from Talbots lately.
(I know, the old lady store)
But seriously, their petites section rocks.
Ann Taylor is also a good place I've discovered.
JCrew isn't as great... 
but I just commit to altering their items when I buy them.

1 comment:

  1. I love that dress so much I almost want to cry a little. Probably because I would have the exact same problem! *sigh*