Black and Neon


Dress: Target, Tights: Nordstrom, Shoes: Guess

Why yes,
I did get this dress for $13 on clearance at Target.
And seriously you guys,
their spring line is calling my name.
I can't get over the floral prints there.
Which might be why I HAD to buy this dress.

Do you guys have any favorites?


  1. THOSE SHOES!!! Amazing.

    anddd i'm a sucker for a good deal.. $13?! You go, girl!!

  2. I'm in love with this dress. Then I saw $13 and I was excited for you! haha. Bold move with your shoe choice! Love that!

    Also, I've nominated you for the liebster award! I love your blog!
    If you want to participate just go to and follow the rules.