Date Night in Portland


Only in Portland would you find a bicycle florist
and an entire dedicated gluten-free, vegan-free bakery
just by walking through downtown.

Husband and I try to have a date night twice a week.
Once during the work week and once on the weekend.
This work week's date night was walking through downtown
for gluten free treats and a bouquet of flowers.

I love my husband.
And that salted caramel cookie bar was pretty dang good too...


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! I love visiting Portland, and will have to make a weekend trip soon to try this gluten-free bakery and see the beautiful flowers. =)

    Avec Amber

  2. Bicycle florist- that is ingenious! Such pretty flowers too! Did you get any? Mmm pastries!! Amazing looking! We really need to get back to Portland sometime!! Yay for you guys for doing dates. So important for a marriage! It just refreshes the soul!

  3. Let's keep Portland weird! ;)