Throw on a Hat and Call it Good


Sweater: JCrew, Leggings: Zella, Shirt: Thrifted, Hat: UO, Sunnies: Target

Did I mention yet that Husband I drove to Boise a few weeks back?
It was our first time visiting.
It was also a seven hour drive. 

The weekend was great,
but who has time to wash their hair
when you have Bridal Showers and Bachelorette parties to attend?
Not moi.
So on the drive home my hair was three days of grease.
But this view? 
I mean COME ON.
I had to take pictures.

Thankfully, I carry a pink knit hat in my purse.
It's usually covering my Nikon. 
Because that's totally how you should pack them for travel.
So I pulled this off my camera, 
and threw it on my head for pictures.
Ah the magic of hats!

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  1. Love your outfit!!! The hat is fabulous.