Accidental Discovery of a Coach Sample Sale


A while back my friend told me about this resale store I needed to check out,
so I added it to my list of places to stop by at some point.
I mean, I'm a thrifter, so I am always looking for new places to check out.
But what she failed to mention to me,
which would have caused me to immediately drive over after work,
is that they get the sample shoes from Coach and sell them at their store.

Imagine the giddiness that ensued when I walked in and saw racks and racks
of size six Coach shoes for thirty to sixty dollars.
Brand new, and in my size.


Ya, there was hysteria.

So I practiced some self control and only bought one pair.
But seriously,
the next time I have a good excuse for some shoes,
I am going there immediately.
I have a few weddings coming up this year.
Those require new shoes right?
I mean, if I wear a dress I already owned,
a new shoes purchase is practically a savings!


  1. Wahzoo! Next time I'm heading down that way, I'm definitely stopping at this goldmine!!! Please let me know where it is.

    Sue xo

  2. Girrrl how did you only buy 1 pair?! Good for you! I've been practicing that too...what finally convinced me was the endless pairs of unworn shoes in my closet. Love these pics, and love your shoe pick!!


    XO Jenna

  3. OMG so many Gorgeous Shoes in My Favorite Color - Red! Just one pair? How could you resist? I would purchase at least 5. I am a Shoe Freak. LOL

    By the way Tegan, I am Ada. I joined your page (following you) a few weeks ago. I absolutely love your style. I run a Weekly Feature titled Week's Best Looks. I have featured you there before & today, so please check it out.

    Thank You & Enjoy the Weekend!!