Wilbur Goes for a Walk


Shirt: Anthro, Jeans: Banana Republic, Shoes: Target

So I tried to talk Wilbur for his first walk this week.
And his second walk.
And his third.

What we've discovered is this:
Wilbur prefers to be carried.
He will walk,
but always a few steps behind you.
You have to be careful not to step on him!
And he will walk about five feet,
then sit and stare at you.
One of those "um, are we done yet?" type of stares.
So then we end up carrying the little guy.
Maybe walks are something he will grow into?
Like when his legs are a bit longer?

Also, Wilbur is a lady killer.
The ladies just swoon when he waddles by!
I told Husband if he ever takes him for a walk without me
that he better have his wedding ring on full display.
Like walk around waving that hand in the air,
with a shirt that says "I am married!"
Because those two combined?
I mean how could anyone resist??


  1. Cutest dog EVER! Love this blog and love the dog!


  2. Too cute!!! Your dog is adorable. I love your outfit today.

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