Our Fourth of July weekend has been extra special this year.
We welcome a new member of the family: Wilbur.

Wilbur is mommy's baby.
As in I walk around holding him and giving him kisses all day.
I know this is probably a bad precedent to set,
but I just can't help myself.
He's so so precious!
I am currently on what I am referring to as "pet-turnity" leave from work
so I can spend a few extra days with him before I go back full time.

Wilbur is a dapple doxie, or dapple dachshund.
The dapple refers to the cool pattern of his coat.
And he is perfect.

He will be making a lot of appearances on the blog from now on.
He is a bit of a mamma's boy (which I don't mind)
and likes to go wherever mom is.
Right now he is curled up and sleeping on my lap as I write this post :)
When he wakes up we are going to snuggle and then play with his toys.



  1. AND I'M DEAD. Holy cute. Congrats puppy mama!

  2. Your post should have come with a warning. *Heart may be stolen.* Wilbur is adorable, and I look forward to seeing him on the blog. Everything's better with puppies.

    Sue xo

  3. holy cow i'm in love. what a precious little guy!