"What do you mean you invited those crazy Bunko ladies over again?!"

So one day I was talking to my friends and I was all,
"Who has a Bunko Party I can join?"
I mean, I was sure I knew someone who held these parties, and I wanted to play!
It had been decades since I last played in elementary school, and I remebered it being so fun!
Well, turns out no one had a Bunko Group, but you know what!?
Everyone wanted to make one!

Our first Bunko Party was last month at my place.
We had lots of wine, candy, and a princess crown for the last Bunko to wear.
And Wilbur was a hit. He got LOTS of kisses.
So naturally I offered to host again in May.
We are doing it for Mother's Day Weekend, and bringing our Mom's.
It's going to be epic.

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